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....tis after 12am and I'm bored & drinking strong coffee in order to keep myself awake; have something like 5 assignments to finish for the end of this week & seriously doubt that I'm gonna get every single one done. Maybe most but not all; not betting on it ;)

However, it's the last week of college & then I'm (hopefully) on work placement at a vet's for the next 3 weeks so YAY, no more assignments and crap to think about for a few months :D Yeah, I did say hopefully; I'm so bad this year I left it to today to go and give in the letter asking if they could take me & the bloomin' thing starts NEXT week LMAO. Oops....

Well better get back to finishing off my Animal Behaviour assignment due in for tomorrow afternoon & am so not looking forward to doing this stupid mini-exam on AB either or a 5mins maximum presentation for Biological Principles on enzymes lol - euuurghh. *headdesk* The tophats (buns in case anyone doesn't know) sound promising though, I hope Steven (BP tutor) can make 'em! ;)

Back to work I go. Hope I'll be in bed within the next half hour or so! 

G'night! :D


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Which Doctor Who are you?
this quiz was made by Auntie Krizu(:>)

wee meme under¬†here )  




So, yeah internet is finally up on laptop so will be on that later - discovered the wonderful site McGann Utopia off 

[livejournal.com profile] charleygirl 's journal and it's brilliant; great because it focuses on all the McGann lads :D Oh, and I've taken a bit of a liking to big brother Joe too - mmmmmmmm...*THUD*


Went into tech/collage only to have a 1/2 hour conversation with the other 3 girls and teacher about the wee animals in the animal house (unfortunately we've lost both Woodstock the canary and Pichu the chincilla this week :(), horses, clothes, clothes sizes etc and were supposed to have an afternoon class at 3.45pm only to be told it had been cancelled so yay! Have been messing about in Belfast city centre with the gals (were originally 3 but one went on home) and it has turned out to be a good day - lots of naughtiness and giggles have been encountered :p

However, we decided to meet up with one of the girl's fella and headed over to McDonald's since he was getting hungry. The other gal and myself headed upstairs to a table and pulled another 2 chairs over while the other 2 ordered downstairs. There were 2 little girls (about 10/11 or so) 'sitting' behind our table and one of them asked us if we were using the other 2 seats and we politely said yes we were. Now when this happens to you, do you usually not say ''Oh right thanks anyway'' or whatever & walk away? Well not these 2 kids; they seemed to have a real attitude problem with us and sat there at the other table bitching away about us and giving us the evil glare of doom - I mean, if you're gonna bitch about someone at least don't do it less than 2 feet away and make it obvious!! So of course I just 'glare' right back as if to say "stop being so childish, there's plenty of other chairs, just move yer ass down the place more and get some there!!"

So they're bitching quitely behind us (well, I was sitting facing them) and then start talking louder, still glaring at us. Then their parents turn up and the girls start moaning about how we erm, 'refused' to give them our chairs, parents went and sat at another table and I lost it. Now, I'm usually a bit of a pushover when people are being nasty but that just did it - I said quite angrily "Excuse me, but there's 2 more joining us, will you stop going on about it?! We already told you they were occupied." Of course I completely forgot their parents were there but couldn't care less at the time - it felt really good to tell them what I thought. Usually, I will not do that, nevermind in front of complete strangers! Okay rant done!


*scurries off*

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w00t - Biodiversity Assignment of Doom is nearing completion, just as long as I'm in bed for about 1am :D I've been staring at the computer screen for the past 3 or 4 hours, maybe even 5 O___O So very tired right now and fed up with this thing - it's about peatlands *yawn* zzzzzzzz...

*remembers that there's no Biodiversity class on tomorrow afternoon*

*remembers she's ordered a fantastic wee laptop plus internet on it which is only gonna cost £50 to be installed on it*

*does happy dance*

Right; gotta go get this finished...Night.

*runs away back to computer*


Nov. 21st, 2005 03:22 pm
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I'm back!!!

This is just gonna be a wee quick update as I've an assignment due in for tomorrow & haven't it finished yet due to the weekend's events lol!!

I'll put up a review as soon as I can, but let me say this: the weekend was fantastic. So worth going to even though I wasn't able to make the convention but seeing Paul x2 on Saturday made up for it - lovely lovely man, and absolutely GORGEOUS in the flesh, trust me. *nods*

Hope you all had a good weekend & as I've said, I'll do a review asap but I'll put it under a cut for non-McGann fans or if anyone just doesn't want to read it in general - and there's pics too :)


*runs away*

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Finally able to get that Anatomy & Physiology assignment handed in - 33 pages long and took me til 12.45am this morning! Zzzzzzz......

Anywayz am heading off to Cardiff for the weekend to see the one and only Paul McGann *bounce* and won't be back 'til Monday afternoon sometime. Hope to take lots of photos & get them up asap, although do you need a photobucket account to do that???

[livejournal.com profile] pippinandmerry, hope to see you there too! *hugs*


Oh, yeah, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire & the Children in Need Doctor Who special tonight - wheee!!

Have a good weekend everyone.


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Yep, still alive - having 2-and-a-bit assignments to do over the Halloween break is not fun *not amused* Especially when one has to be about 30 pages - yes, 30 PAGES - which was given to us late & tutor still expects it to be given back in 2 weeks. Bah. And I have a bad feeling that I'll be spending a bit of the Christmas holidays having more to do for the new year.....o____O


*does happy dance* )

wee update

Sep. 30th, 2005 10:25 pm
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I've decided to do an HND in Animal Management course near Belfast City centre, just outside it. Thankfully the rioting seems to have calmed down a bit so getting the bus back and forth isn't too bad.  :)

The guys at tech are fab and that makes it better because, well, isn't it better to get on really well with people who are able to help you should you need it? This is great for me since there is a lot of stuff to take in, all being advanced biology which I've never done - last did biology for GCSE o__O - and there's a few who're already sort of familiar with the hard stuff so, it's all good at the mo' *is trying to be positive* ;)


And, on a side note, am hoping to be able to go over for a weekend trip to the Forbidden Planet branch in Cardiff to see Paul McGann doing a booksigning there on I think, the 19th-20th November. Am dragging mum along with me hahah and we've sort of been looking at flights and accommadations etc so it's looking like we could be going *crosses fingers*....:D

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