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The last of the soldiers leave Downton and the house finally returns to normal, however Cora still has doubts on whether Robert is right to keep Bates on after what happened with Vera and whether Matthew should also be leaving. Robert and new housemaid Jane seem to be growing closer when he runs into her on a return walk to the house. Thomas has decided to delve into the black market, but until then, he may not be able to stay at Downton. Robert discusses Vera's suicide with Bates, but on mentioning how she would've gotten the poison and seeing how uncomfortable Bates is, drops the subject. Carlisle asks Anna to spy on Mary and report back to him on her comings and goings but she is uncomfortable with this request and politely refuses (later stating she hasn't the time).

Carson reflects on happier times in Mary's early years at Downton with Mrs Hughes, and later, Anna tells them both of Carlisle's plans to have her spy on Mary. Matthew confides in Bates that he may be regaining feeling in his legs again, but asks that this information is kept between themselves for now. Sybil pays a visit to the garage to see Branson: she still hasn't quite made up her mind on things between them. Mary is not happy with Carson not coming with her and Carlisle and is even more disappointed when she learns that Anna didn't come to her first with Carlisle's plans. Jane and Robert share a passionate clinch...

- Robert WTF is wrong with you?!?!

- Mary: "Have you seen the boys’ haircuts the women are wearing in Paris?"
Matthew: "I hope you won’t try that."
Mary: "I might."
Lavinia: "I’m not sure how feminine it is."
Mary: "I’m not sure how feminine I am."
Carlisle: "Very, I’m glad to say."

Carson decides against going with Mary & Carlisle, telling Robert he cannot work for a man he doesn't trust. Matthew regains the use of his legs again after preventing Lavinia from tripping whilst carrying one of the trays and the Granthams are overjoyed with the news. Clarkson realises he has misdiagnosed Matthew's condition. Bates worries that Vera took the rat poison he bought for her some months back and that this will make him a suspect but Anna thinks he'd be better telling the police now rather than later. Lavinia and Matthew announce their engagement (again) later that evening at dinner however not everyone is exactly thrilled with the news. Branson's patience is rewarded as Sybil agrees to leave Downton and come with him.

- (Carson's room)
Carson: (to Mrs Hughes) "If you're asking whether I'll regret leaving Downton, I will regret it every minute of every day. I thought I would die here and haunt it ever after."

- (Servant's corridor)
Anna: "There you are. I wondered what had happened to you. It's wonderful news, isn't it?"
Bates: "Wonderful. Are you busy?"
Anna: "I'm just going up to help in the dining room. Why?"
Bates: "It'll keep."
Anna: "No, tell me. I've got time."
Bates: "It's just, something His Lordship said recently I can't get out of my mind. How Vera must have...bought the poison and taken it home with her."
Anna: "Yes, I suppose she must, and it's...it's just such a terrible thing to think of."
Bates: "But she didn't. I did."
Anna: "What?"
Bates: "Months ago, before I left, Vera said we needed rat poison, and I bought it. It was arsenic, and I've been thinking that's what she must've taken."
Anna: "Have you told the police?"
Bates: "No."
Anna: "Tell them. If you don't, when they find out, it'll look bad."
Bates: "But wouldn't I be asking for trouble?"
Anna: "You're asking for trouble if you stay silent."
(I've a feeling that Anna may be right about that, given Bates's reluctance to stand up for himself and his tendency to bottle things up...)

Mrs Patmore considers taking up Thomas's offer of extra goods as they are running out of supplies. The late Major Bryant's parents dine with the Crawleys and the Granthams at Downton, but since Mrs Hughes can't find the right moment to introduce them to their grandson, Ethel takes it upon herself and charges upstairs into the dining room with Charlie, intent that the Bryants see him; Mr Bryant flatly refuses seeing as Ethel has literally no proof of the child's paternity and he and Mrs Bryant both leave soon after. Violet tells Matthew that Mary still loves him and to be sure that between her and Lavinia, he chooses the right woman to spend the rest of his life with. Carlisle asks whether Mary still loves Matthew but she denies it. Bates receives a copy of a letter from his lawyer that Vera has written, claiming that she feared for her life, which could implicate him further in her death. Anna and Mary check on Sybil as she was not at dinner and discover she has eloped with Branson, and with Edith, track them down to a pub. Daisy and Mrs Patmore find out the hard way that Thomas's goods are mostly full of plaster dust and have to make Matthew & Lavinia's wedding cake from scratch. Sybil leaves Branson for now, knowing that that it would be better to talk things over with her parents in the morning.

- Random observation, but is Anna holding the baby a hint of what's to come for her and Bates? ;)

- (The library)
Mary: "The truth is, Ethel’s made her choice and now she’s stuck with it."
Lavinia: "That seems a little hard."
Mary: "Does it? Aren’t all of us stuck with the choices we make?"
(Everyone looks aghast)

- (The servant's hall)
Mrs Hughes: (as Anna leaves Bates and heads upstairs) "You look as if you got the cares of the world on your shoulders."
Bates: (smiling wryly) "Not the whole world, Mrs Hughes, but quite enough of it."

Robert finds himself dining alone again, but when Jane arrives to offer her resignation, he refuses it as it was he who kissed her, however they may have been overheard by Carson. At Crawley house, Isobel discovers Mary's lucky charm still in Matthew's possession but looks slightly surprised when Matthew insists that it not be thrown out (Lavinia also looking taken aback at him wanting to hold onto it). Thomas realises that he has been duped into giving away all his money for counterfeit goods, ripping open most of the bags, discovering that they are all filled with plaster dust and proceeds to trash the shed. (HAH HAH!). When O'Brien asks him what he's going to do, he simply replies "I don't know."
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