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I am sick to the back teeth of having to see football or Big Brother taking over proper programmes on tv yet again... Both are wastes of time in my opinion and just proves that TPTB of telly only care about catering to either the male population or an alarming mass of brain dead morons who think that watching vacuous nobodies stuck in a house with cameras everywhere for several weeks equals 'entertainment'. Sports should be kept on Sky only and BB was apparently axed 'for good' but somehow was brought back onto our screens again.

I know the Olympics haven't even started yet but no doubt that'll be the same story in regards to eating up regular tv schedules. Cannot wait until that's over as I couldn't give a shit as to who wins what.


Apr. 30th, 2008 09:53 pm
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I hate it when football's on in our house; I hate having to listen to both my dad & my brother yell at the telly for no reason. I hate having to put up with that, voicing my opinion and have it dismissed by both of them as 'overreacting'. Er, pot, kettle, black?? I'm not the one yelling to people who are playing sport several hundred miles away and who certainly can't hear you...

Football does not pwn everything else.

P.S. OMG how funny is the new advert on channel 4 for The F-Word?! *loves* :D
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Liverpool got beat 3-6 by Arsenal - YESSSSSSSSS!

Dad not impressed. Think he's pissed off, not willing to find out...


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Dear dad,

- Shouting at the telly when Liverpool are getting their asses whooped by Chelsea is NOT going to help - they CAN'T hear you!

- Just because your team sucked today, DO NOT take it out on me. I only asked if the game was being played at Anfield (Liverpool's home ground) out of interest and you respond by talking back at me in a 'well-DUH!' voice saying "Oh, well, what do YOU know about football?!" Fine, I admit, I know nothing about sport but there was no call for that (I was only checking seeing as they managed to get beat on their own ground HA!), and stop getting all pissy about it - Liverpool will get beat every now and then, GET USED TO IT!! They are NOT immune!

- At least mum and I are reasonably good losers when our team (Man Utd) get stuffed - you are not. And by the way, I'm judgemental? Hello? I wasn't the one shouting at your own players "...he is the biggest load of crap/waste of space!" etc etc. Charming...here's a hint: chill.

From your loving daughter,

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This is what happens most of the time when there's a match on in our house folks..... *headdesk*  It's quite funny though some of the time, especially as mum & I just go into the kitchen and smirk about any uproar from the front room. Thank goodness I got away with talking back to dad, in a put-on annoyingly polite voice - "Oooh someone's narky today..." :D w00t!

*takes deep breath*

That's better. :)


P.S. My sincerest apologises if I happen to accidently offend any Liverpool supporters reading this.

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