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I'm sorry but I loathe it. To me it's just a day to make single people feel like shit to be honest.
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Watching repeats of 70s show Mork & Mindy at my granny’s house as a toddler in the late 80s/early 90s and laughing at Robin Williams in it. Loved that stripy jumper. :D
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I've a few:
- try to be happier/more optimistic about things/for people
- sketch more
- lose weight (again lol!)
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Sadly not but I'm still hoping we'll get some this time next week! :)
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Dock at sunset on White Sands Island in the Maldives (under sample backgrounds for Windows Vista). It's one of my favourites.

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Quit work on the spot first and maybe buy a house and/or car. ;)
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I still remember where I was and roughly the time when I found out like it was yesterday. I was a wee bit late to English class (last one of the day) and I got into the classroom at about 3.05pm (I'm in Belfast, NI, so we are a few hours ahead). I can distinctly recall wondering why the tv on the wall was on & why were the class watching it and a friend came up to me saying that a plane had crashed into the WTC (I thought that it was probably a private plane or something and that it was some accident). Then we all saw the second plane slam into the south tower live and I think someone said something to the equivalent of "there's another one away in..." Shortly after that, we were all sitting with our mouths hanging open as the south tower collapsed on itself; it was like something straight out of Die Hard but we knew that we'd just witnessed hundreds of people die. :(

I visited Ground Zero in February 2007 and as our tour bus was coming up to the stop around the back of the buildings opposite and I caught a glimpse of that big empty space, I got a sudden feeling like I was about to start bawling.
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Since my sinuses are pretty much shot to hell anyway, I'll say smell. ;)
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No, not really as there are still a scarily large number of men who think it's okay to treat women as nothing more than a piece of meat. There are also a lot of eastern countries that imo need to be dragged into the 21st century and stop treating their women like the scum of the earth. There's no call for misogynism (if such a term exists). And although a lot of women now are freer than they would have been a century ago, why then are a lot of us still being paid less than men in some workplaces and still having to put up with a lot of shit from men? Hmmmm... change that for a start
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There's quite a few things I like to do alone but mainly sleep. :)
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Preferably something 80s made/80s set eg. Miami Vice or Ashes To Ashes. ;D As for character, I've no idea, maybe a rookie cop?
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Probably cow brain (Romanian delicacy) or rooster testicles (in Hungary) in the summer of 2005. ;) The rooster testicles oddly enough tasted like chicken LMAO and so did the part of brain.
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Too many to pick: The Breakfast Club, Some Kind Of Wonderful, The Lost Boys, The Shawshank Redemption, Heathers to name a few. :D
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Flowers In The Attic - the 80s version was okay but didn't like how they set the film in the 80s instead of the 1950s like the book(s). Also too much stuff was left out/changed and as for the film's ending...WTF (book = 3 of the children escape from the house, movie = they crash their mother's wedding ceremony & she dies). I'd like to see it done in the 50s style with all the clothing/hair/makeup/toys etc of that time and into the 60s & 70s when the rest of the books are set. Who knows, maybe someday Hollywood will give it a revamp. :D
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A-Ha's Take On Me (embedding was disabled). Such great animation for the time and still stands to this day. :D
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The A-Team hands down (at present :P). Just back from seeing it and had an absolute blast (always helps when you're watching it with a full house!) and the audience was in stitches the whole way through. :D Even better was the fact that just before the film started, 3 guys and a girl all walked down the aisles to their seats dressed as Hannibal/Face/BA/Murdock, complete with toy guns! I would have loved to see the people behind the desk's reactions to that. ♥♥♥♥♥ :D Definitely another for the DVD collection. ;)
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Lots of tea & soup (though not obviously at the same time). :D
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The 80s of course!! :D ♥
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Brain. Yes you read that correctly, more specifically cow brain, and I tried it when I was in Romania almost 4 years ago. It tasted a bit like chicken to be honest. I think I would try it again. ;)
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From [livejournal.com profile] m_l_h. *snuggles* ♥ :D

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