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[x] Obsessed with shiny things eg. jewellery and iconses ;)
[x] Fave movie: The Green Mile
[x] Other movies: The Shawshank Redemption; Braveheart; Gladiator; Titanic; LOTR trilogy; POTC; Moulin Rouge; The Terminator; The Mask of Zorro; The Breakfast Club.
[x] Music: 80s; folk/irish/celtic eg. Enya & Clannad; a little bita jazz; Queen/Freddie Mercury; the Beach Boys; Enya; Clannad; Chris de Burgh (Irish musician); Bryan Adams; Bon Jovi; 80s; Sting; Simple Minds; The Police; Loreena McKennitt; Savage Garden.
[x] TV: Miami Vice; Doctor Who; Friends; CSI: Miami; Moonlight; Life On Mars; Ashes To Ashes; Heroes; Ugly Betty; Sharpe; Hornblower; CSI:NY; Primeval; Top Gear; Supernatural; Robin Hood (BBC); The F-Word.
[x] A wannabe artiste :p
[x] Has unhealthy obession with Paul McGann & Harry Potter. ;) :p
[x] Gene Hunt moodtheme by radiogaga80.
[x]Ashes To Ashes animated moodtheme by elena_hepburn.
[x] ***Please only friend me if you share at least 5 interests and update your journal regularly!!***


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80s movies, 80s music, aaron eckhart, acting, aidan quinn, angelina jolie, animals, anime, art, ashes to ashes, bleak house, brendan fraser, bryan adams, captain jack harkness, carmine giovinazzo, cate blanchett, christopher eccleston, clive owen, craig parker, csi: miami, csi: new york, dagmara dominczyk, daniel craig, david caruso, david tennant, desperate housewives, disney, doctor who, drama, ducks, eddie cahill, eighth doctor, enya, er, ewan mcgregor, freddie mercury, friends, gabriel byrne, gary oldman, gary sinise, gene hunt, gerard mcmann, ghosts, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, goran visnjic, gordon ramsay, hans matheson, harry lloyd, harry potter, history, horatio caine, hornblower, horses, hugh jackman, hywel simons, ioan gruffudd, jack davenport, jamie bamber, jared leto, jared padalecki, jason isaacs, jeff dunham, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jeremy kyle, jeremy northam, jewellery, jim caviezel, joaquin phoenix, john barrowman, john cusack, johnny depp, judd nelson, kate winslet, keira knightley, kiefer sutherland, law and order: svu, liam neeson, life on mars, liv tyler, lord of the rings, luke wilson, matt damon, matthew macfadyen, mel gibson, michael biehn, miranda otto, moonlight, most haunted, moulin rouge, mountains, movies, neve campbell, nip/tuck, nypd blue, orlando bloom, paul mcgann, paul newman, paul o'grady, period dramas, philip glenister, pride and prejudice, primeval, purple, pushing daisies, queen, rachel mcadams, rachel weisz, ralph fiennes, richard armitage, richard gere, richard hammond, robert carlyle, robin hood, robin tunney, roger taylor, sean bean, sharpe, spiderman, sting, supernatural, the breakfast club, the green mile, the mummy, the muppets, the notebook, the simpsons, the terminator, titanic, toby stephens, tom cruise, tom hanks, top gear, torchwood, ugly betty, v for vendetta, viggo mortensen, watchmen, winona ryder, zippy
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