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Folks, for those of you on Dreamwidth, is it possible to transfer all LJ entries onto DW and if so how? I only ask as I'd like to have the last 10 years or so of my life backed up elsewhere if possible, just in case LJ goes tits up and I would prefer if these entries didn't all end up in cyberspace lol.

Thanks in advance (if you are able to get back on LJ!). :)
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Hope everyone got what they wished for. :)
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so after losing my bus card after having only just topped it up, I find out from the bus/public transport company that some scrote is using it instead of doing the right thing and handing it in. Says it all about people's ideas of 'honesty' today...*seethes* I'm just hoping that they don't use any more journeys on my card between now and Wednesday, when the bus company can 'freeze' it, and I can get more of my money back off it (minus an admin fee when I get a new bus card).

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I am sick to the back teeth of having to see football or Big Brother taking over proper programmes on tv yet again... Both are wastes of time in my opinion and just proves that TPTB of telly only care about catering to either the male population or an alarming mass of brain dead morons who think that watching vacuous nobodies stuck in a house with cameras everywhere for several weeks equals 'entertainment'. Sports should be kept on Sky only and BB was apparently axed 'for good' but somehow was brought back onto our screens again.

I know the Olympics haven't even started yet but no doubt that'll be the same story in regards to eating up regular tv schedules. Cannot wait until that's over as I couldn't give a shit as to who wins what.

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Ugh it's that time of year again when I keep feeling like something's eating me, or at least trying to land on my bare arms. Must be down to this sudden heatwave...*shudders*
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] moetushie. Hope you have/had a lovely day! :D
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I'm sorry but I loathe it. To me it's just a day to make single people feel like shit to be honest.
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'My husband's on trial for his life. Of course I worry.' )
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Watching repeats of 70s show Mork & Mindy at my granny’s house as a toddler in the late 80s/early 90s and laughing at Robin Williams in it. Loved that stripy jumper. :D
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I've a few:
- try to be happier/more optimistic about things/for people
- sketch more
- lose weight (again lol!)
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Happy New Year's folks; here's hoping 2012 will be a good 'un. ;)

Chin chin!
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very quick reaction thoughts on the Downton Christmas special - cut for spoiler gifs... )

Review to follow shortly.
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Just to wish all my f-list a Merry Christmas and that I hope you all get what you wish for. :) And I'll leave this here:

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Sadly not but I'm still hoping we'll get some this time next week! :)

*fans self*

Dec. 5th, 2011 01:43 am
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So, um, the finale of this series of Garrow's Law...

... )

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'If you're turning American on me, I'll go downstairs.' )

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Downton Abbey Christmas special promo pics.

Let the countdown begin. :D

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'Aren’t all of us stuck with the choices we make?' )

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