Jun. 15th, 2009 01:13 pm
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Primeval officially cancelled.

I guess that's it then. It's just so infuriating that they left it at that cliffhanger though...*kicks ITV*
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'Sausage? Anyone?' )
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'Can I be your plus one?' )
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click )
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'I believe you're in my seat...' )
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'Come on you ugly sod, let's 'ave ya.' )
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'You are so fired...' )

WTF?!? D: *is in denial*
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~ Dear BBC & ITV,
please stop putting good shows like Primeval & Doctor Who on at relatively the same time. It's very frustrating for us who currently have no tape recorder to record one and watch the other downstairs or don't have access to Sky Plus it.

~ Dear Amazon & City Link,
just give me my damn copy of the Watchmen novel that I ordered 3 F*!KING WEEKS AGO. Seriously, I just want it now and my patience has run out with you and City Link whose delivery service sucks major ass. Don't you think that maybe people in our house ALL have a job and are therefore out all day. Can't you leave it with our next-door neighbours at least?
Ugh, honestly I paid for this GN but it's like I'm being told 'you no can has'... >:O

~ Dear civil service,
get a f&*king move on with those alptitude tests. I did mine in December, you told us they'd be done by January. It is now April and I get a letter telling me that they aren't going to be marked by JUNE?!? Oh FFS. Get a move on - I would like to stay at my current job (and who want to keep me on) if I can get in to the CS but oh guess what, I can't because you aren't organized!! I am in through a recruitment agency who take some of my wage, don't pay me for bank/public hols or sick leave and who can terminate my contract at any time so can you see my frustration?!?

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Mar. 28th, 2009 11:05 pm
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cut for possible spoilerz )


Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:50 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] poisonivy2425 made me do it. :P List 10 fictional characters you'd "shag" and tag 5 other people to do it as well.

The 10 )
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And so we're at the last one this year - nooooooooooo!

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- Connor & his skateboard. ♥

- What is Leek up to??

- Jenny looks nice. :)

- Connor: (about Jenny) "She looks amazing."
Nick: "Yeah, so does a velociraptor." XD

- Helen, stop being such a leech. Ugh.

- Stephen & Connor discussing women lol. ♥

- Giant!bugs eeeeeew!

- Hee hee, that wee girl's got attitude; I like it. :D

- Connor hiding in the ball pool. XD

- Daffy & Scrappy lol!!

- Caroline, still in Abby's flat, why?!?

- Taylor: (to Stephen) "You try to pick me up again, I'll bite you!"

- Animal cruelty anyone? >:O

- I assume that's the end of 'the cleaner' then?

- From one bad place to another lol!

- Hahah OMG he punched an actor! I wondered why he was wearing bright pants. XD

- It was inevitable that the tape would have vanished if left on the desk...

Next week's looks amazing: Stephen/Helen action, prehistoric animals gone wild like Jumanji and Lester with a gun!! :D
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- Catfight!! I'd be pretty pissed too if someone was in my flat telling me what to do...

- Rex!!

- This dino sounds like a whale lol.

- Nick's military coat is back! ♥ Didn't he leave it behind in the building in Episode 2 though??

- *hums the Jaws theme* XD

- Jenny/Claudia looks a lot better without all that dark eyeshadow. <3

- Nick: "I have a hot date with a dead shark."

- I love Lester's sarcasm hee hee. Oh and Leek, stop being such an arse-kisser. *barfs*

- What's the mall cleaner's doing?? O_O

- Nice high kick! :D

- Duuuuuuuuude that's one big beastie... o__O

- That scene with Abby & Connor was like the Sam/Frodo scene in ROTK, where Sam goes "Don't you let go!"

- Connor's love declaration = ♥ ♥ ♥

- Damn it Caroline!! Convienient moment!

- HELEN!!! With Leek!!! WTF??? What is that crazy bitch at??
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We're half-way through Season 2 already? :(

- Still don't like Caroline. :P What's her game??

- I want Abby's car!

- Geek!Connor = ♥

- Kid, don't wander off!!!

- LMAO!! Aaaw poor Connor's not having much luck with guns this season. XD I'm kinda peeved that he didn't shoot the guy in the lion costume...annoying as hell. Wasn't it Nick who said that he wanted to kill him?

- Nick: (to Jenny) "I don't have the eyelashes for it (flirting)." XD

- Abby: (to Connor, who's looking at her rear through night vision goggles) "It's infra-red, not x-ray!" LOL!

- Connor grabbing a spade off the wall as a weapon while Stephen & Abby are pointing their guns. XD

- Nick getting down n' dirty. ;)

- Valerie's keeping that thing?!?

- (anomaly detector alarm goes off)
Connor: (slightly panicky) "I've got a date..."
Nick: "Is she pretty?"
Connor: "Yeah."
Nick: (shrugging) "Bummer." ;) XD

- Leek & Caroline's little rendevous - oooooooooooh...sneaky bitch!
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- Helen! The bitch is back!

- Rex! ♥

- Not sure what to make of Caroline, flirting with Connor. Hmm.

- Worms! *shudders* D:

- Undead!cleaner from last week's ep - with a scarred throat! :O

- The whole scene with Stephen climbing the elevator shaft and the lift coming up nearly trapping him reminded me so much of Downtime, hee. XD


- I thought Connor was a goner when that pre-historic worm tried to eat him! Hilarious to see him covered in saliva! XD

- Jenny/Claudia, Stephen & Nick getting covered in worm entrails/offspring - eeeeew! I wish I had waited a little longer before getting something to eat. :/

- Much appreciated shots of Nick & Stephen soaking wet with their T-shirts clinging to them...*drools*

- Is Abby jealous of Caroline??

- Does Helen still want Nick? Hmm...
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I'm so glad this show is back. :D ♥ Nick & Stephen on bikes chasing a raptor in a shopping mall car park with Republica's Ready To Go playing in the background = genius. One of the funniest things I've seen on tv this year so far.

ETA: also glad to see CSI: NY back on our screens too. ♥ Not sure what to make of the new theme though...I wonder why they changed it. :/
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UTV is running adverts for Primeval Season 2 - not helping in the fact that they're telling us 'coming soon'. Too vague. :P

My dad & I watched Bruce Almighty on the telly tonight. He thought it was average while I liked it, particularly this scene. XD XD XD Also caught Finding Neverland on BBC2 yesterday - it was nice to see Johnny Depp doing a Scottish accent (very well done too might I add) but I absolutely bawled at the end when J.M. Barrie (Depp) sits and talks with Peter (Freddie Highmore) on the park bench. :'(

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