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Falling out of a world of lies

1. What's the last thing you threw away?
A cleansing facewipe that I had just used.

2. Have you ever been to Paris?
Twice. :D Wouldn't mind going back again actually.

3. What do you stare at?
My laptop screen.

4. What do you hurry for?
Work, college etc.

5. Friday fill-in:
I could have been
a somebody. (it had to be done! :P)
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And I owe it all to you

1. Who do you owe?
Mum and Dad, for everything. ♥

2. What do you wait for?
At the moment, Season 2 of Gilmore Girls - a cousin is coming up to Belfast this week so hopefully she'll remember to bring it. :D

3. What do you disguise?
My real thoughts on a lot of things, mainly out of fear as to what people would think if I revealed them. :|

4. Tell us a lie:
I'm always optimistic.

5. Friday fill-in:
I can't get enough of

Off work this week; whoohoo!! :D :D :D
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Mood music
Tell us your favorite songs/types of music for...

1. Getting in the mood to party:
[x] Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
[x] Bon Jovi - It's My Life
[x] The Killers - Mr Brightside
[x] Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69
[x] Anything by Queen, especially Bohemian Rhapsody or Don't Stop Me Now

2. When you're depressed:
[x] Evanescence - Everybody's Fool
[x] Barclay James Harvest - In Memory Of Martyrs (always made me cry when I was younger)
[x] Chris de Burgh - Borderline
[x] Coldplay - Fix You

3. When you're in lust:
[x] Bon Jovi - Bed Of Roses
[x] Alice Cooper - Poison
[x] Blondie - Call Me
[x] The Corrs - Runaway

4. Exercising:
Hmmm does walking to college count? Then whatever tape/CD I happen to have with me which would be my own compliations! :D

5. Driving / riding in the car:
[x] The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
[x] Anything by Bon Jovi
[x] Anything by Bryan Adams

I hit my head on the car door coming home from work. :( The very top corner bit collided with the left side of my head, just above my left eyebrow and has a nice wee cut. Bring on the shiner.

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Oops, bit late with this one; out all day yesterday at a wedding & didn't get back 'til after 1am so....yeah. Also got my chest & forehead sunburnt - w00t! :)

1. Do you play cards?
Yes but haven't done so since last summer if I remember correctly; can play Jack-change-it, 21s and Trumphs but that's it.

2. Do you have any rings on your hands?
Yep at present a stirling silver one on the middle finger of my right hand with a square diamond stone in the centre and a slit on either side of it on the actual banding. Only cost me about £3 (seriously!!) as I got in a jewellery shop that was having a closing down sale :D :D :D

3. Would you describe yourself as innocent?
Hell no! ;) *whistles innocently* :p

4. What do you think of chivalry?
A nice feature/characteristic. Shame it seems to have completely vanished nowadays :(

5. Have you seen The Thomas Crown Affair?
Only bits of the Pierce Brosnan version, not the Steve McQueen original.

*has decided to hibernate until after freaking World Cup (who cares?!) is over* :P ;)

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Favorite phrase when you have:

1. Ate food that tasted bad:
EURGH! (btw, should that be 'eaten' rather than 'ate' considering the Q??)

2. Stubbed your toe:

3. Become frustrated:
Either ARGH or AAAAAAH!! *cue for throwing things ;)*

4. Broken something:
Usually ooooh shit....

5. Been cut off by another driver:
I don't drive but if I did, it's very likely that there'd be a lot of swearing!! ;)

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1. Where did you grow up?
I was born in a little-ish town called Lisburn and when I was wee, lived in a place called Moira (not to be confused with the place called Moria from Lord of the Rings lol!) and lived next door to my cousins with mum, dad, and brother. We then moved to Belfast and have stayed here ever since; think we've been here for about 15 years or so, although I say I'm from Belfast because I've lived here for so long & also anyone abroad knows where Belfast is so, yeah, it's easier ! ;)

2. Have you ever been to Indiana?

3. Describe yourself at age 18:
Just out of school with 14 qualifications (in June 2004) and lookin' for a job. Got a temporary one in November 2004 up to Christmas Eve that year and then they asked me to stay on for another 6 months. Ended up leaving because I had exams to study for and with their stupid 'holidays' system it would have meant I wouldn't have been able to revise enough for them. Also I have a feeling they were messing me about with my money and around that time, my contract would have been expiring soon anyway so it sort of made sense. I still have a paypacket to collect from the place but am too scared to go & get it! o____O *manager scares me*

4. How do you deal with pain?
Eeeh, I tend to bottle it all up. I dunno, I don't like people seeing me cry; it makes me think that I must look so weak infront of them blah blah blah. If I do cry, it's when I'm alone. I like to take it out on the playstation though, usually calms me down after a wee while by playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City :D *loves*

5. When is the last time you screwed up?
Mmmmm, I dunno, I don't think it would have been that long ago....*whistles*

Oh and YAY! Finished 1st year of this course and now can do 3 weeks of work experience/placement; got that sorted about 1hr and a half ago :) Plus, the parents are away to Verona for the weekend to see the Eagles in concert so bro and I have the house to ourselves - WHEEEEEEEEEE! PARTAAAAY!!! *ahem*


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1. How many siblings do you have?
1 brother, and a right pain in the rear he is nearly everyday ;)

2. Do you get along with your family?

3. Think you look like anyone in your family?
Nope - been told though that I look like my Mum and my Dad. o___O I can't see it though, nuh-uh.

4. Do you want / do you have any children of your own?
Good question, I honestly really don't know - I don't want to be raising screaming brats that will embarrass me in public but at the same time, I can't help thinking that my Mum and Dad will be disappointed if you know what I mean :(

5. Special plans for Mother's Day? 
Nope, sure that was in March lol!

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1. Have you ever been to Mexico?
Nope - doubt that I will since it would be far too hot for me ;)

2. Do you know anyone who is currently in the military?
Nope, thank goodness; I don't think I could cope with worrying about their welfare & safety etc all the time.

3. What is the last party you attended?
My mum's surprise birthday party/dinner 2 weeks ago - great night out :D

4. What do you think about President Bush saying that the United States' National Anthem should only be sung in English?
*rolls eyes* Quel surprise....Does he ever saying remotely sensible? What's that? Nah, didn't think so....

5. French fries or freedom fries?
What's the difference?


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