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Dec. 20th, 2009 10:45 am
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And Northern Ireland finally gets some of the snow - yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! \o/ (I honestly thought Dad was kidding when he woke me up ahahah.)

*bounce bounce bounce*

20:38 ETA: actress Brittany Murphy dies after going into cardic arrest at just 32 years old? WHAAAAAAAT? :O


Sep. 10th, 2009 11:58 pm
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Supposedly we are to get a bit of a heatwave this weekend. Hmmm. It was roasting this afternoon, yet when I left the house at 7.30 this morning, there was frost on the ground (it was like a sunny morning in December)...
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I love thunderstorms. :D Not sure our garage would agree... XD

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You know it's summer when you're stuck in the office for 8 hours when it's been blue skies all day for the first time in about a month, you can hear lawnmowers everywhere and the icecream man coming up the street. ;)

Hope the good weather is here to stay. *crosses fingers*

A2A episode 4 review post coming shortly. ;)


Feb. 5th, 2009 07:02 pm
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This is what I woke up to this morning:

2 more )

Snow's a bit of a big thing over here since we hardly ever get it (pity it was a month and a half late :P). However what should have been a 10 minute journey to work took 40 mins - I was lucky, some of my co-workers weren't getting in until 2 hours after they'd left the house...lol.
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- thanks whoever gave me the cold, I'd been avoiding it up until yesterday at work. You know when you can feel it coming (your throat hurts and you wake up the next morning with your nose all bunged up and your throat covered in...stuff??). Yeah... >:| *reaches for sheep-covered mug of tea*

- it's raining again, and the temperature isn't as cold as I'd (personally :P) like for snow. I hate it when Christmas is coming round and the weather is miserable, I'd settle for a wee bit of frost though on Christmas morn. ;) We can has snow nao plzkthx (England and Scotland have had their share :P)?

- 10 things we didn't know last week, from here...
1. Sugar does not cause hyperactive behaviour.

2. Oliver Twist was not hungry when he asked for more.

3. Leonard Cohen's original Hallelujah has more than 80 verses.

4. Sneezing can be a sign of sexual arousal. (hahah wtf?!)

5. It's legal to serve legal papers by Facebook, in Australia. (o.O)

6. It's a bad idea to put out a chip pan fire with a wet tea towel.

7. The world's oldest singer and actor is 105.

8. Some villages in Wales still don't have mains electricity.

9. Japan has its own version of the foot-measurement - called the kanejaku.

10. The average global temperature is about 0.7C above pre-industrial times.
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There's a nice little layer of frost outside, resembling a thin layer of snow. XD The weather here's been freezing since the beginning of December and there's been loads of frost, but if this keeps up, I reckon we could have snow for Christmas...

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Gaaaah, our internet played up so had to be switched off for the night. As a result, I had to get through 340 entries to catch up lol. Plus the weather's been atrocious since the weekend (strong gales and very heavy rain, although the gales only seem to come around twilight and are then gone by the next morning) but this cheered me up immensely:

Maybe slight spoilers for A2A Ep 6...

Oh and this song is made of awesome. *turns up loud*


Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:38 am
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This may well be the weirdest film I have ever seen (that's what I get for picking it up in Tescos for £4) but I'll forgive that since Andrew McCarthy is in it. ♥ XD

It was snowing again too; originally it was like little polystyrene (sp?) balls but then morphed into beautiful big flakes about an hour ago. It seems to have stopped. :(
Are we 2 months into the new year already? O_O
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It's snowing! :D :D :D It's only a week and half late. ;) Mum, Dad & I were visiting cousins about 15 miles south of Belfast this afternoon and they had some snow but it wasn't as thick as the stuff that's pouring out of the heavens. It was slushy in town tonight as well but just after 9pm, it really started falling thick and fast - it's about 3 inches deep and at one point on the main road, the car wheels had trouble gripping the road when taking off from the traffic lights. ♥ It's soooo pretty lol.

ETA: pics! )

And apparently there's to be more on the way...


Sep. 26th, 2007 05:10 pm
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I think it'll be soon time to bring out the scarves and gloves - it's gotten really cold all of a sudden and there's a bitter wind. Looks like we're skipping autumn this year and going straight to winter.



Jul. 16th, 2007 04:16 pm
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This, people, is the current view from my window... )

I wouldn't be surprised if we were to get torrential rain soon...

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Dear rain,

please please PLEASE go away from the UK. You have been here for well over a month and have caused enough havoc in the north of England and since you messed up our heating system, we cannot get our clothes dry outside.


Dear sun,

it's July. You were most certainly here this time last year - where are you? We were promised a heatwave this year and instead it's turned out to be a complete washout of a 'summer'. It was hotter 3 months ago. Come baaaaaaaaaaaack.


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Well the rain has finally stopped but I had no idea some places were as bad as these:

- literally just a few streets away...

- on the Castlereagh road in East Belfast, my area and where that bus is is about a 2 min drive from my front door...

- car half submerged...

- at the local shopping centre again...

There are no words...


Jun. 12th, 2007 01:58 pm
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It's absolutely bucketing down from the heavens and there is a lot of thunder and lightning going on outside, though I suppose to many it will be welcome judging by the scorching heat over the last week or so. However, I think our garage is gonna get flooded since the rain doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon...the rain just keeps on coming. It must be several inches deep by now! o___O

Storm is right overhead. *hides under duvet quilt*

ETA: our church charity shop, in which I sometimes do voluntary work, has had to close due to flooding and the local shopping centre had to be evacuated. O_O Shit...


Jun. 6th, 2007 05:10 pm
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[x] It's insanely hot outside...*fans self* and my room is starting to resemble a fecking sauna, even with the window open, there's no breeze at all. O_O

[x] The peach & apricot fruit bits in the Special K Peach and Apricot cereal are gorgeous - mmmmmmm! XD *munch* I think I've eaten near enough all the pieces in the whole packet...

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Yeah, our weather's been really weird today; snow, hailstones, rain and sun. o___O So much for it being the middle of March but then again it's been known to snow in April...*scratches head* Wish Mother Nature would make her mind up...

Piccies! )

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Whew....last 3 days have been glorious & really warm; 21 degrees today :D Hopefully it'll stay that way for a while at least lol.

I think it's time to open my windows for the night....too waaaaaaaaaarm! :p

*opens bedroom windows*

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wee_mango: (Default)

We have snow! :boogie:

And it's looking like I may have to order a taxi to work (haha!) since it's gotten really slushy out there although that's putting my plans of walking to work 3 days a week out....mmmmm....^^;

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