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A few screencaps from Jonathan Creek episode The Judas Tree which aired in the UK last night.

10 )

Nice to see him on the telly again and I cannot believe this man is 50. Damn...♥
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lots of vintage Paul here :D )
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Every previous Time Lord will appear in Christmas special.

Original source.

Asksjlfdlkds!! These 2 had better be making an appearance:


Apr. 19th, 2008 02:00 am
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Hahahah OMG Paul McGann's on Nightwatch with Steve Scott (a sort of policing programme)!! He's talking about his role as Percy Toplis from The Monocled Mutineer as they're doing some sort of MM special on tonight's show. ♥

ETA: here's an interesting little tidbit from the man himself (**spoilers for those who haven't seen MM**). Paul mentioned filming the scene with Toplis getting (fatally) shot and when it wrapped, he and a few others including one of the makeup artists got into a car and left the location (I think he said they filmed it near to where Toplis was killed in real life), somewhere a town called Plumpton. Whilst driving back, the (brand new) car failed/completely shut down/off in a certain part of the road where Toplis was thought to have been killed...Paul said he smiled when this happened and said aloud "Good on ya", referring to Toplis 'haunting' the spot where he'd died and causing the car to stop functioning. ;) Hmmm.


Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:50 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] poisonivy2425 made me do it. :P List 10 fictional characters you'd "shag" and tag 5 other people to do it as well.

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Found this little gem of Paul taking about Hornblower on YouTube whilst browsing. Take a look, it is really funny:

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Well...I've been at the computer for ages and now it's getting to the stage when I should be heading off to bed soon, but can't be bothered...My eyes are a little stingy, I'm a bit too warm, and I feel like a pig shat in my head...I think I've been at the computer for too long hahah...

I'm supposed to be doing another assignment due in for next week but can't be bothered but really should be getting on with it - maybe if I take this into tech/college tomorrow and be amongst my fellow 'hard-working' (ha!) classmates, that might inspire me to move my ass into gear and do a bit of work...Hmmm...

I've also been saving a lot of Paul pics to my laptop recently and have been thinking about trying to draw/sketch from 'em...who knows, maybe I'll even post them up or something...*shrugs*...Now, where's those pencils and sketchpad got to??

Anyways, another pic for your viewing pleasure :D


there must and shall be...McGann!! ;) )

*skips off*


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here we go ladies... )


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Okay, here's a little teaser from my weekend at Cardiff - probably my favourite photo from what's to come, but here's a wee peek for now! Enjoy ladies! :D


teaser under here )




Nov. 21st, 2005 03:22 pm
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I'm back!!!

This is just gonna be a wee quick update as I've an assignment due in for tomorrow & haven't it finished yet due to the weekend's events lol!!

I'll put up a review as soon as I can, but let me say this: the weekend was fantastic. So worth going to even though I wasn't able to make the convention but seeing Paul x2 on Saturday made up for it - lovely lovely man, and absolutely GORGEOUS in the flesh, trust me. *nods*

Hope you all had a good weekend & as I've said, I'll do a review asap but I'll put it under a cut for non-McGann fans or if anyone just doesn't want to read it in general - and there's pics too :)


*runs away*

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Finally able to get that Anatomy & Physiology assignment handed in - 33 pages long and took me til 12.45am this morning! Zzzzzzz......

Anywayz am heading off to Cardiff for the weekend to see the one and only Paul McGann *bounce* and won't be back 'til Monday afternoon sometime. Hope to take lots of photos & get them up asap, although do you need a photobucket account to do that???

[livejournal.com profile] pippinandmerry, hope to see you there too! *hugs*


Oh, yeah, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire & the Children in Need Doctor Who special tonight - wheee!!

Have a good weekend everyone.


Heh ;) :D

Nov. 8th, 2005 04:15 pm
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Me: *commenting on someone's journal entry*

Mum: *comes over to computer to get something*

Mum: *spies my icon in top right-hand corner* "Who's that up in the corner?"

Me: "Paul."

Mum: "It doesn't even look like him."

Me: " It does!"

Mum: *comes back over to look* "Mmm, he looks quite nice there..."

Me: *can't believe what she's just heard*    *laughs* "That's a wee bit of an understatement!"

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Yep, still alive - having 2-and-a-bit assignments to do over the Halloween break is not fun *not amused* Especially when one has to be about 30 pages - yes, 30 PAGES - which was given to us late & tutor still expects it to be given back in 2 weeks. Bah. And I have a bad feeling that I'll be spending a bit of the Christmas holidays having more to do for the new year.....o____O


*does happy dance* )

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here )

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Yep still alive haha *waves*.....was in Romania for the 1st 2 weeks of this month doing hard labour - house building, with all our young headcases from church - and have come back feeling like we've really achieved something, that the trip was so purposeful.

Have finally ordered Jude and now, after debating for a couple of weeks over whether or not to get it, Doctor Who: the movie - don't laugh :p - despite reading mixed reviews, but I'm intrigued in seeing what Paul McGann's like as Doc #8 :D Gorgeous Paul icon was made by [livejournal.com profile] black_hound. Nice innit? :p ;) Forgive me, I'm on a bit of a PM high at the mo'. *grins*

Has anyone seen Jude who'd like to give me a brief summery or opinions etc?? Anything welcome :)



Oh and yeah, Kemal getting the boot from the Big Brother house is a sin. Why is Orlaith still there whingeing?! Take a walk woman, you know you wanna..... 

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