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Robin Hood cancelled by BBC. I'm not really surprised to be honest, but still... :/

P.S. tv in general, please stop cancelling my fave shows/anything decent.
Pushing Daisies
Robin Hood
Kyle XY

Ned is not impressed.


Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:50 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] poisonivy2425 made me do it. :P List 10 fictional characters you'd "shag" and tag 5 other people to do it as well.

The 10 )
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I didn't realise that Gordon Kennedy (Robin Hood's Little John) provides the voiceover/narration for Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA. I recognised the voice but thought it was someone else... XD
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Forgot to mention this earlier, you know you're addicted to Robin Hood when:

#86949062 - a guy comes into work (customer by the way) & is the spitting image of Harry Lloyd. Seriously. I actually did a double take since he looked so like him, same amount (not sure if that's the right word XD) facial hair like the Will Scarlett character & everything! O_o

Oh and to the Harry/Will fans on the f-list, can you recommend me some of your fave screencaps of the Will character? I think I need to pick up a pencil & sketchbook again... ;) ♥
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[x] Finally finished Robin Hood Season 1 - great series. I'm glad I got it because I missed half of Season 1 at the end of 2006 due to work putting me on Saturday nights so this was more of a catch-up lol. Have yet to watch all the extras though but I really liked Robin Hood - The Making Of; lots of Harry Lloyd (Will Scarlett) & hearing him speak Hungarian = bonus! :D ♥ Oh and Will's face when... cut for spoilers for Season 1 finale )

[x] Also got John Barrowman & Richard Hammond's autobiographies on their way from play.com. Can't wait to start reading them because they both have such fascinating lives/careers but I need to finish Gary Barlow's one (My Take) first lol. Procrastination is fun. :P


Jan. 10th, 2008 11:13 pm
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My copy of Robin Hood Season 1 came earlier; guess who'll be stuck in front of the telly this weekend? XD

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cut for spoilers, obviously :P )
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[x] I went to my work Christmas dinner on Saturday night. It was weird because I was sort of pretty much sitting by myself for most of the night; I sat at the end of the table as there were people I knew sitting opposite but there were 2 empty chairs to my left which no one sat in. I probably looked like a right billy-no-mates hahah but then I'm one of those people who is quite happy to sit by themselves at social gatherings and watch everyone else (not like that lol). :P Also there were about 40 of us and I knew probably about 10 of them!! It got weird when people I didn't know were introducing themselves & then 10 seconds later I kept thinking 'who was that again??'

And I got asked 4 times for a dance (O_O) - I don't do dancing lol and I hate it when guys people in general go on and on about it, especially when they're this close to you and you've said no several times while having a get-the-hell-outta-my-face-now smile plastered on your face...2 of those times were by the same guy (saw him at work tonight and he asked if I thought he was drunk when he asked - I couldn't tell LMFAO), 1 from another dude and the 4th from a lady who said that 'someone' had been 'wanting to dance with you all night'...I'm glad I left at 11pm - apparently people left as late as 4am...O_O

[x] In other news my Supernatural Season 1 boxset came today (YAY) and I've gotten through the first 5 eps - just finished the Bloody Mary episode and OMG I'm not looking in a mirror again. *hides* XD

[x] Was impressed with seeing more of Will Scarlett/Harry Lloyd in Saturday night's Robin Hood - nice one BBC. More please. XD ♥

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