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Sep. 14th, 2008 01:41 am
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Just a very quick post to say that I'm heading off on hols until the 28th, so you'll what's happened if I don't post for about a fortnight. :P

Behave yourselves. XD


Dec. 28th, 2007 11:16 pm
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I think I've left one of my favourite rings in work tonight; I only just noticed it wasn't on my finger...I think I took it off when washing my hands in the ladies' loos and set it beside the sink. The really weird thing is, I can't really remember whether I had it on me tonight at all - I think I did but at the same time, I'm not so sure. Aaaaaaaaaaggggh. >_< It didn't cost me a lot despite the fact that it's sterling silver but it has sentimental value. I hope it's still there when I ring work in the morning & that someone has handed it in (and yup I checked all my pockets about 3 times). *crosses fingers*

ETA: found it! :D It was in a pocket of another pair of my trousers that I'd changed out of before going to work lol. Therefore it had been in the house the entire time... *headdesk*

I also accidentally crashed one of the cages into my left heel tonight at work also...it stung like hell and when I took my sock off, some skin came off with it...ouch lol. XD Hopefully the plaster that's currently on it will help. ;)
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[x] I went to my work Christmas dinner on Saturday night. It was weird because I was sort of pretty much sitting by myself for most of the night; I sat at the end of the table as there were people I knew sitting opposite but there were 2 empty chairs to my left which no one sat in. I probably looked like a right billy-no-mates hahah but then I'm one of those people who is quite happy to sit by themselves at social gatherings and watch everyone else (not like that lol). :P Also there were about 40 of us and I knew probably about 10 of them!! It got weird when people I didn't know were introducing themselves & then 10 seconds later I kept thinking 'who was that again??'

And I got asked 4 times for a dance (O_O) - I don't do dancing lol and I hate it when guys people in general go on and on about it, especially when they're this close to you and you've said no several times while having a get-the-hell-outta-my-face-now smile plastered on your face...2 of those times were by the same guy (saw him at work tonight and he asked if I thought he was drunk when he asked - I couldn't tell LMFAO), 1 from another dude and the 4th from a lady who said that 'someone' had been 'wanting to dance with you all night'...I'm glad I left at 11pm - apparently people left as late as 4am...O_O

[x] In other news my Supernatural Season 1 boxset came today (YAY) and I've gotten through the first 5 eps - just finished the Bloody Mary episode and OMG I'm not looking in a mirror again. *hides* XD

[x] Was impressed with seeing more of Will Scarlett/Harry Lloyd in Saturday night's Robin Hood - nice one BBC. More please. XD ♥


Dec. 4th, 2007 07:40 pm
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[x] An update to this post - I didn't get to see anything! :( I'd been at college in the morning and had to nip into town at lunchtime and the crew had all wrapped for the day by the time I finally got back at 1.30pm (although they said they'd be there until 4.30pm - sneaky :P)... So, no photos unfortunately, but according to both my dad and brother: "You didn't miss much; just a car driving up and down the street". LOL.

[x] I have finally ordered Supernatural Season 1 DVD - Jensen/Jared/Jeffrey Dean Morgan drool fest: bring. it. on. ♥ :P XD

[x] Hoping to get HP: OOTP DVD tomorrow - :D

[x] Heroes Season 1 finale tomorrow night OMGSQEE!!1!! I caught the penultimate ep last week. Geeked up psycho!Sylar = HOT XD I think Season 2 has just finished in the US (??) so am really trying to avoid spoilers here lol!

[x] It's December?!? O_O
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I nearly crushed myself at work tonight lol - was dragging out cages all night to the delivery lorry parked outside. The milk crate I was pulling down a ramp decided to fall forwards, causing me to fall backwards landing on my ass and the thing came down on top of me leaving me with bruised forearms, knees and a swelling on my left foot. Luckily the manager who was on saw the whole thing and we both went upstairs to fill out an accident form lol and miraculously none of the milk cartons that went flying burst. I hurt myself very rarely (accidently of course!) and when it happens, it tends to hurt like hell eg. sprained ankle over the summer, twisted pelvis etc. I'm okay though, just a bit sore and it's only bruising. ;)

[x] Robin Hood is back - YAY! :D

[x] Top Gear tomorrow night - WHOOHOO! *happy dance*

[x] I saw the trailer for Sweeny Todd last night and omgisitDecemberyet?!? XD Looking effing brilliant and Johnny sings!! *squee* Looks like a Harry Potter reunion fest too! ;)


Sep. 27th, 2007 04:49 pm
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I think I've picked up the cold again; that's the second time in just under a fortnight. Dad has it at present so I think that's where it's come from. Bah. And you know that dry, scratchy throat that comes with it? Yeah, got that too lol and it's freezing outside.

On the good side, I love this song. *turns up loud*

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