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Plans are being made for Matthew and Lavinia's upcoming wedding although Matthew is still feeling frustrated at not being able to walk without his stick. Edith and Mary attempt to talk Sybil out of marrying Branson but she finds herself alone in defending both him and her decision. Thomas discovers he has long outstayed his welcome at Downton, and since he is now neither servant nor soldier, Carson is keen to get him out. That evening after dinner, Sybil and Branson finally come clean about their romance to the rest of her family who, understandably, are far from pleased (especially Robert) but Sybil stands her ground and insists that nothing they say will change her mind.

Edith worries that she is destined to be the sibling who will never marry but Violet reassures her that her time will come. Robert tries to talk Sybil out of marrying Branson but she refuses to back down and when Robert discusses the matter with Cora, she wonders if they've underestimated Sybil's true character, having proved herself during the war years. Carson, Cora and Lavinia all fall ill during dinner that evening. Anna puts her foot down and has Bates take out a marriage license and organise them a wedding, saying if any trouble comes up over the late Vera Bates, it may be better if they can face it as husband and wife. Moseley, who is standing in for Carson, is also feeling a little under the weather...

- (The drawing room)
Violet: "Oh, don't worry. Your turn will come."
Edith: "Will it? Or am I just to be the maiden aunt? Isn't this what they do? Arrange presents for their pretty relations?"
Violet: "Don't be defeatist, dear, it's very middle class."

- (Servants' corridor)
Anna: "I've been thinking and, erm, I have to say something that you won't agree with. We're going to get married. "
Bates: "Don't be silly. We can't. Not now."
Anna: "You're not listening. You're going to Ripon tomorrow afternoon to take out a special license, I don't care how much it costs, and fix a day. We'll tell no one, but this you will do."
Bates: "I can't."
Anna: "Aren't I as strong as Lady Sybil?"
Bates: "I don't doubt that."
Anna: "Well, then. If she can do it, so can we. That's what I've been thinking. I have stuck by you through thick and thin."
Bates: "Thin and thin, more like."
Anna: "Mr Bates, if we have to face this, then we will face it as husband and wife. I will not be moved to the sidelines to watch how you fair from a distance with no right even to be kept informed. I will be your next of kin, and you cannot deny me that."

- (Dining room)
Violet: (as Isobel leaves the table to help Lavinia) "Wasn't there a masked ball in Paris when cholera broke out? Half the guests were dead before they left the ballroom."
Robert: "Thank you, Mama. That's cheered us up no end."

Mary finds Matthew alone in the hall with the gramophone and they dance together. Matthew tells her about Violet's words to him and they kiss, only to be seen and heard by Lavinia who has come downstairs from bed. Clarkson's diagnosis for Moseley is pure and simple drunkeness after too many wine tastings while preparing for the upstairs dinner! Robert and Jane become more intimate but are almost caught out when Bates calls at Robert's room. The following day, Robert visits Branson at a nearby pub and attempts to pay him off from marrying Sybil but Branson refuses the offer. Lavinia and Matthew's wedding is called off for the moment and Cora's condition worsens, O'Brien refusing to leave her side (guilty conscience?). It seems that Robert is also having a guilty conscience...

- (Great hall)
Mary: "Can you manage without your stick?"
Matthew: "You are my stick."

Bates finally secures a date for his and Anna's wedding. Mr and Mrs Bryant make Ethel an offer: keep Charlie and still be no better off, or hand him over to them and he could have a good upbringing. O'Brien tries to repent for causing Cora's miscarrige but as Cora is delirious with a fever, she doesn't hear her. Lavinia doubts whether her and Matthew are making the right decision after witnessing him and Mary earlier in the hall, but Matthew is adamant that the two of them will be married.

- (Servants' kitchen)
Daisy: "What do you mean 'she might die'?"
O'Brien: "What do you think happens with a fatal illness, the fairies come?"

Carlisle arrives at Downton to 'help' but Mary voices her suspicions that he is only there to ward off Matthew in the event that Lavinia's condition worsens. Daisy receives word from William's father to visit but she is uncomfortable with going to see him. Mary allows Anna time off for her upcoming wedding but is later called away to her mother's room: Cora's condition has seriously worsened and she may not survive the night. As Matthew, Carlisle, Mary, Isobel and Edith dine downstairs, Sybil bursts in with the news that Lavinia has badly deteriorated: it is the worst possible news for Matthew and she dies telling Matthew to be happy.

Lavinia's funeral arrangements are being made and Robert makes up again with Cora. Ethel has come to a decision regarding Charlie: she is going to keep him with her and Mrs Hughes says that she will write to his grandparents to inform them. Anna and Bates (finally!) get married in the registrar office in Ripon. Jane hands in her notice to Robert, both knowing that things between them cannot continue, and Mrs Hughes expresses her regret at Jane leaving. Mary agrees to keep Anna and Bate's marriage a secret and has had Jane make up her room especially for them to spend their wedding night...

(Guest bedroom)
Bates: (teasing) "Well, Mrs Bates...you've had your way with me. (They both giggle) I just hope you don't live to regret it."
Anna: "I couldn't regret it. No matter what comes. I know only that I am now who I was meant to be."
Bates: "I'm not worthy of you, that's all I know. And they'll call me names for pulling you into my troubles."
Anna: (sighing) "Mr Bates, we've waited long enough to be together, you and I, and now that we're man and wife, can we let that be enough just for this one night?"
(They kiss)
(This is probably my favourite scene in series 2, let alone this episode tbh. ♥ Glad they got this scene but the M/M and S/B fans need to stop bitching about it though. >:|)

At Lavinia's funeral a couple of days later, Daisy finally bites the bullet and talks things over with Mr Mason, William's father. Matthew feels terrible guilt over Lavinia's death and blames himself and Mary's kiss, believing that Lavinia died of a broken heart in the end and that he and Mary are cursed. Saddened at this, Mary allows Carlisle to walk her back to the waiting cars. Robert finally gives his consent to Branson and Sybil, knowing that she will have a very different life but warns Branson not to mistreat her, threatening to set wild dogs on him if he does (LOL!). On returning from the funeral, Bates discovers two men waiting for him in the servants' kitchen and he is arrested for the murder of late wife Vera, being led out in handcuffs infront of all the stunned staff. Anna declares her love for him and agrees to stick by him no matter what...

(Servant's kitchen)
Bates: "Are you looking for me?"
Policeman: "John Bates?"
Bates: "Yes."
Policeman: "You are under arrest on the charge of wilful murder. You are not obliged to say anything unless you desire to do so. Whatever you say will be taken down in writing and may be given in evidence against you upon your trial."
Bates: "I understand."
(The other policeman takes Bates's wrist)
Anna: "No, no..."
Bates: "Please, do whatever is required."
(His hands are cuffed)
Bates: (turning to Anna) "I love you."
Anna: "And I love you. For richer, for poorer, for better, for worse."
(She kisses him)
Policeman: "Come along, sir."
(Bates is led out and down the corridor, past all of the servants. Carson looks at Anna, completely stunned. She stands in the kitchen and her bottom lip trembles)

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